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Guangzhou Huabao Glass Industrial Company Limited formerly known as Shiji Glass Tube Factory, a company established in the year of 1980 solely produces electric light source materials. During then the company was nominated by Guangzhou Economic and Trade Commission as electric light source materials manufacturer in the southern part of China. In 1991, the company changed its name to Guangzhou Huabao Glass Industrial Company Limited together with its statutory status. With the support of the provincial government and the business belief of ?°„Trust, Enthusiasm, Flexibility, Exploitation, Teamwork?°ņ, the company?°•s foundation is well build and well grown. At present the company owns a factory area of 100 thousand square meters shared by the building premises area of 46 thousand square meters. The registered capital is US Dollars 7.2 million while the invested working capital is US Dollars 10 million. The maximum number of employee employed during the peak period was over 1,000. 

From the year of 2000 onward in accordance with district ?°„Production Plant Transfer Plan?°ņ, the company first diverted its investment in Deqing County Zhejiang Province and established Deqing Huabao Glass Company Limited. The current production capacity of this company is exceed Guangzhou Huabao Glass Industrial Company Limited. In 2007 the company acquired a glass tube manufactory in Puyang County Henan Province and re-established it as Puyang Huabao Glass Company Limited. Production was commenced since then. The company also bought over 16 acres of land in Nanchong City Sichuan Province for establishing of Nanchong Huabao Glass Industrial Company Limited in 2010 and started the first phase of production in 2011.

Customers of Guangzhou Huabao Glass Industrial Company Limited spread throughout southern, central and eastern provinces of China. Company?°•s products are also gradually penetrated the international market during the last 10 years with customers including Philips of Holland, Osram of Germany, General Electric of United States, Panasonic and NEC of Japan. Products are also sold to customers in South East Asia, Korea and India etc. The company becomes a vital production base for electric source glass materials country-wide and internationally. 

Guangzhou Huabao Glass Industrial Company Limited always observes the principle of ?°„Legitimate business, Payment of tax timely?°ņ, and is rated repeatedly as ?°„Good Tax Payer?°ņ. Company?°•s sale revenue was RMB 553 million and tax payment totally RMB27.53 million during the year from 2008 to 2010. The company simultaneous adheres the business belief of ?°„Trust, Enthusiasm, Flexibility, Exploitation, Teamwork?°ņ to fully satisfy customers?°• requirement and the perfection of products. The company passed the ISO900 system authentication in 2004. The quality of products is guaranteed and is deeply welcome and trust by country-wide and international customers. The company is  rated repeatedly as ?°„A Grade Supplier?°ņ by customers. All incoming message for product improvement advice and business development either in person, phone call or correspondence are welcome.

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